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Latest Case Studies


Short-term apartment rental operator, Blueground, set out to attract clients on both sides of their marketplace whilst simultaneously expanding into new US markets to grow overall traffic. Campaign resulted in affiliate sales increase of 125% in Q1 vs 2022

Mon Dessert

Food box startup Mon Dessert delivers sales after first month partnering with Scale, through unique ‘top tier’ partner strategy

How Scale created demand across the whole EVE range and became their most profitable channel, delivering an ROI of £14.9 in 2021

Following a migration from network management to Scale Digital the strategy and tactics were completely revamped to drive consistent YOY growth resulting in business stability.

September 27, 2022

Scale drives 100% YoY growth for WUKA following their successful Network Migration

Innovative Period Pants brand WUKA, wanted to migrate their Affiliate program to refresh the program and partners after stagnated growth. Scale took on this migration and coupled it with a performance driven growth plan that has seen continual growth for this new, values-led, innovative product.

October 12, 2022

How we achieved a 15% share of Snoop's First Account Connections across all channels within 6 months

A deeper dive into our direct in-app user acquisition campaign for Snoop which ran on a pure cost per event model throughout H1 2022.

August 19, 2022

Scale Digital increases Nannybag revenue by 439% in 2022

Whilst there was an uptick in performance YoY once the travel restriction was lifted, it was only once Scale Digital managed the program that the growth truly accelerated.

November 9, 2022