August 2022

How we achieved a 15% share of Snoop's First Account Connections across all channels within 6 months

A deeper dive into our direct in-app user acquisition campaign for Snoop which ran on a pure cost per event model throughout H1 2022.


Mobile Marketing, In-App User Acquisition


AppsFlyer, iOS, Android


MoM increase in First Account Connections


Share of First Account Connections across all paid channels within 6 months

Campaign Overview

We partnered with Snoop; the free money management and budgeting app that helps users track their spending, cut their bills and control their finances to help bolster their direct in-app user acquisition efforts. What was the brief?

  • Drive post-install user acquisition growth across iOS and Android directly via Snoop's Mobile Measurement Platform (MMP); AppsFlyer
  • Maintain a fixed First Account Connection CPE payout model to remain inline with their other paid channel spend


Through a collaboration with some of our preferred mobile agency & ad-network providers, we managed to provide Snoop with access to a high quality, engaged audience of users which helped us consistently scale (if you pardon the pun) our campaign in a competitive UK money management and budgeting app landscape.

Aligning with Snoop on how and where they wanted to appear was key prior to the campaign launch and resulted in us advising on an asset bank of creatives that mirrored their other marketing activity to remain on-brand.

The first phase of the campaign was delivered via static banner ads to build brand awareness amongst non-incentive partner sources. A combination of feedback from our mobile partners and the launch of Snoop's new video assets meant the second phase of the campaign was a much more engaging experience for users, which helped drive a higher install > first account connection rate for the remainder of the campaign - all whilst keeping to Snoop's target CPE.


Within 6 months of running our direct in-app acquisition campaign with Snoop, we had achieved a 15% share of voice across all paid channels and averaged 25% MoM growth for their payable event KPI (First Account Connections) whilst keeping to their target user acquisition cost throughout the campaign.

Whilst we think the results speak for themselves, it's important to highlight other key factors that contributed to the success of the campaign:

  • Weekly syncs with the Snoop team to dive into the AppsFlyer numbers and identify the best (and worst) performing partners to help with campaign optimisation
  • Regular liaising with the mobile partners to gather feedback on which creatives, partner sources and audience types were converting best through the raw event data access in AppsFlyer
  • Set out clear indicators on how and where to identify red flags with traffic sources; key for a channel notorious for exposure to potential fraudulent activity
  • Communication on the latest app and industry updates to help inform partners of necessary campaign changes

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