The Cauldron

The Cauldron flexes new technology launching new influencer program and affiliate sales channels simultaneously, leading to 5 figure revenue increase within year one and increasing traffic by 67% YoY

Both The Cauldron and Scale fearlessly ventured into uncharted territory with their partnership, as both parties embraced new technology.


Scale had the task of successfully launching ACTIVATE, an influencer platform, for The Cauldron. At the same time, they seamlessly integrated and launched the client's inaugural affiliate program.

Revenue Growth during single month



Increase YoY


Increase YoY


Scale aimed to maximize profitability for The Cauldron quickly and efficiently by establishing strong affiliate and influencer channels. Introducing the ACTIVATE influencer program internally and for the client was a learning experience for Scale. Simultaneously implementing an affiliate program was ambitious and complex.

Talent focused approach

We successfully supported the client's needs by leveraging Scale's talent and suitable technology solutions. Scale's internal team provided human interaction and guidance, offering continuous practical support to keep the client informed.

Breaking revenue peak

Despite challenges such as limited budget, impending deadlines, and significant growth opportunities, transparency and communication were the keys to success. October 2022 was a pivotal month for The Cauldron, featuring their largest campaigns of the year—Black Friday and Halloween. With Scale's assistance, it became an exceptional month in terms of sales targets, reaching a revenue peak for both affiliates and influencer sales. Regular communication and face-to-face meetings ensured transparency throughout. We presented the numbers to the client, cutting through the sales talk, to provide a sense of security and support, ultimately contributing to their highest sales peak in business history.


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“In the short-time we've been working together, Scale have grown to be a core partner, and we're thrilled with the business performance they've achieved.
They've proven themselves to be innovative, flexible and extremely results-driven, quickly helping us scale the business in an area of marketing where
we had little experience. They are a class act.”

Paul Lloyd
Co-founder & CMO

“Scale Digital has taken our program and in a matter of months turned it into a fast growing and highly valuable channel. They took head-on the various challenges of a legacy network program by showing an understanding of our target audience, KPIs, a grasp of our brand and the growth opportunity that we always knew was there. We're looking forward to them finding many new and high-spending Wuka customers, using Scale's tools to drive more efficiency and opening new markets.”

Emidio Cesetti
Head of Growth Marketing

"Just to tell you we are very satisfied with your involvement and follow-up since we started working together. I don't regret my choice at all and I am delighted to accelerate our Affiliate program with you by our side".

Matthieu Ballester
CEO & Co-Founder

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