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Part 3 of 5: Ensuring Compliance with Regulations

It needs no introduction, but compliance regulations can be a major stumbling block for affiliate programs. No one wants unexpected legal issues or penalties to pop up once they’ve invested in the channel. Once again, this needs clear communication with all affiliates, as well as consistent processes to vet and validate any partners trying to join your program.

Here are Scale Digital’s top recommendations for ensuring compliance with regulations, based on our Talent, Technology, Traffic framework:

Talent - There’s no secret ingredient when it comes to compliance: a compliant and secure program requires a team of experts who are incredibly familiar with all related legislation and guidelines. At Scale Digital, we work with clients that require us to understand and abide by complex legislation including GDPR and FSCA - including major banks and retail groups. We also deploy an ad ops team around the clock to vet activity for applications, promo code abuse and asset management. 

Technology - Technology should be used as a data monitoring function to continuously assess and flag risks to programs - empowering you to make decisions that will best protect your brand. Scale Digital leverage technology, which provides continuous monitoring of partners’ copy, creative, and offer details for complex regulated industries such as banks, pharma and legal firms.

Traffic - Utilising the correct combination of technology and manual process for compliance should result in 100% compliant traffic at any given time. At Scale Digital, we design our SLAs around consistently achieving this benchmark and always advise our partners to do the same.

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