How Finance and FinTech brands can thrive in 2023

The finance and fintech industry has faced a challenging few years. Grappling with the lasting impacts of COVID-19 and other global economic pressures, even the largest businesses have felt the pinch. Despite this, the fintech sector is projected to reach a value of $306 billion this year*. To keep up with the increasingly competitive space, it is now more crucial than ever for brands to proactively address their customer acquisition challenges and capitalise on opportunities for growth.

To help navigate these obstacles, the team at Scale have put together this quick guide using our Talent, Technology, Traffic framework, for financial brands aiming to stay ahead of the curve in 2023.

Talent: Harnessing the Power of Expertise

As with all industries, but particularly in the world of finance, time is money. A successful acquisition program therefore requires adequate internal resources and expertise to cover time-consuming tasks from publisher discovery to ongoing support with branding assets and industry compliance guidelines. Our team has years of experience covering the day-to-day on programs such as Revolut, Aldermore Bank, Soldo and Chip meaning our clients can save valuable time on all the program’s heavy lifting.

Building strong relationships with the top finance aggregators is also paramount for financial brands. Scale, a trusted partner, has developed connections with all the UK’s leading finance aggregators and media partners, including This is Money, MoneySuperMarket, MoneySavingExpert and many more. This enables access to the best placed audiences to unlock brand awareness and new long-term customers.

Lastly, compliance with industry regulations and security protocols is non-negotiable within finance. Partnering with a trusted agency therefore ensures peace of mind. Scale's team holds FSQS accreditation, establishing them as a globally trusted supplier to banks and fintech brands.

Technology: Empowering Teams for Success

Having the right tools and technical resources can take any team to the next level. Scale has therefore developed its own suite of tools tailored to finance and fintech brands. For instance, our Spend Tracker helps brands stay on top of budgets - especially for mobile acquisition campaigns, where growth and spend can move rapidly. 

Our bespoke campaign workspaces also streamline the management of all the moving parts in an acquisition program, while our automation tools expedite invoicing and validations, saving growth teams even more valuable time.

But top-notch tech alone won't nail an acquisition campaign. Effective programs thrive on multichannel integrations and reliable support. That's why Scale has earned recognition as one of the Diamond Agency Partners worldwide by This status perfectly complements our partnerships with Appsflyer and Adjust, allowing our clients to leverage cutting-edge platforms that are seamlessly integrated and fully supported by our accredited specialists.

Traffic: Cost-Efficient User Acquisition

In times of economic uncertainty cost efficiency is paramount. Scale's solutions operate on a CPA-first basis, meaning payouts only occur for tracked events post-installation or sign-up. No payments are expected for mere installations or sign-ups, allowing brands to optimise their budget utilisation.

Utilising the Talent and Technology detailed above, Scale is constantly innovating our strategies to drive traffic on a CPA basis. Some of our best performing features for top fintech contenders have included (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Desktop to Mobile conversions: Leveraging QR codes and other partner technologies for reliable cross-device attribution.
  • Demonstrating LTVs: Brands can pass back user insights, such as deposit values, and use Scale’s tools to track the LTV of an acquired user and inform strategic decisions.
  • Customer Retention Reporting: Looking beyond acquisition with retention reports and tailored partner optimisation strategies as a result.
  • Comprehensive Audits: Optimising Affiliate, Mobile and Influencer programs is an ongoing opportunity. That’s why we lead regular audits to identify gaps such as inactive partners and partner diversity.

As the financial sector gears itself for even more expansion and competition in the years to come, our Talent, Technology, Traffic framework aims to provide brands with a roadmap to navigate their acquisition challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth.


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