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Part 4 of 5: Managing Multiple Affiliates

Managing multiple affiliates can feel like spinning plates, and this is only complicated further by the limitless choices of partner types out there. Each affiliate needs a unique approach in order to optimise their activity, and managing them all can be an ever-changing landscape. So how do brands keep up with all of this?

Here are Scale Digital’s top recommendations for managing multiple affiliates, based on our Talent, Technology, Traffic framework:

Talent - We provide our clients with Growth, Technical and Additional Operations teams so each component of their program has a dedicated specialist:

  • Growth Specialists: Your campaign’s strategic lead, responsible for spotting opportunities and risks, building out ideal partner hitlists and constant program management from partner negotiations to media planning.
  • Technical Specialists: Our technicians are certified with impact, Activate, Appsflyer and Adjust (just to name a few) so you can save time on integrations, validations and any other technical obstacle.
  • Ad Ops Team: Helping clients save on time they didn’t know they had, by consistently updating partner contact info, monitoring partner onboarding and scheduling follow-ups, screening partner quality and potential risks, as well as keeping rates, commissions, assets and contracts all up-to-date.

Technology - Technology should empower brands to automate their program’s predictable processes, such as reporting and invoicing, so that program managers can free up resources to focus on strategy and partnerships. At Scale Digital, some of our automated solutions include automated performance reports within the impact platform, generating invoices and validating all your sales.

Traffic - With each of these skill sets working in unison, and all the technology to support, our Growth Specialists will monitor opportunities to maximise ROAS across the entire program, providing feedback during weekly syncs and quarterly reviews on optimising the campaign. This could include expanding overseas into new markets, trying new channels such as Influencers and Marketplaces like Amazon, or increasing commissions on products that need a push during key periods.

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