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Part 2 of 5: How to build a strong relationship with affiliates

Maintaining a strong relationship with your affiliates is crucial for your program’s success. This often relies on providing your affiliates with support, the correct resources, and regular communication. Every relationship varies, and each will require regular attention, so it’s a common challenge for brands to assess how best to keep aligned with their partners.

Here are Scale Digital’s top recommendations for building relationships with affiliates, based on our Talent, Technology, Traffic framework:

Talent - Strong affiliate campaigns are built on cooperative partnerships. We believe best-practice is hosting and attending regular events for our clients - helping you to nurture and grow productive relationships with hand-picked affiliates'. We also host weekly ‘Partner Presents’ events - these are bespoke events led by Scale to keep up to date with the latest technology solutions being leveraged by our top performing partners - providing a way for all our brands and their programs to stay ahead of the game.

Technology - We’ve been busy developing our very own suite of tools to solve the challenges faced both by affiliates and growth marketing teams in their day to day activities. These include a Tenancy and ROAS calculators to investigate exactly what your media budget can achieve, a Spend Tracker to monitor week on week budget and performance for every partner across the entire campaign, as well as a Campaign Planner to streamline the availability of inventory from affiliate to advertiser.

Traffic - These relationships benefit you, the brand. Happy partner, happy customers. This means leveraging the best CPAs and determining the best partner strategies, from basket abandonment to newsletters, so you can make the most of your traffic.

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