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Part 1 of 5: Finding the Right Affiliates

Affiliate marketing has emerged as a popular and well-trusted marketing channel in recent years. However, like any other marketing technique, it poses several challenges that businesses need to overcome to ensure the success of their program. We’ve spoken to clients, partners and friends from across the channel to identify five top challenges.

You can read more about these in five bite sized articles, and our unique solution to each:

1. Finding the Right Affiliates

Finding the right affiliates to effectively promote brands and drive sales can be challenging - particularly in a competitive environment where commissions are high. Affiliates should have a genuine interest in the products or services and have a significant following in their niche. Additionally, they should be reliable, trustworthy, and have a strong online presence.

Whether your program is run through a network, agency or in-house, the same challenge remains - how to find the best partners for your business?

Here are Scale Digital’s top recommendations for finding the right affiliates, based on our Talent, Technology, Traffic framework:

Talent - Our team has 15 years experience under their belts leading campaigns from Adidas to AirBnB, and an extensive arsenal of affiliates as a result. We work to constantly expand this list by deploying skills from other marketing channels, such as SEO and competitor gap analysis, where our Growth Specialists will leverage real-time keyword searches to identify key partners performing by category, sector or industry. Our Ad Ops team will also be saving you time by conducting ongoing research and outreach on impact’s marketplace, so you can pick the best of the bunch from the thousands of partners available.

Technology - Searching for the right affiliates is drastically improved by tools, such as Publisher Discovery, that aggregate data from numerous sources to deliver relevance and intent signals. We combine these tools with our unique licence as a Diamond impact partner, meaning our brands benefit from data signals that reveal which sites and influencers partner with your competitors, post relevant content, and rank high for performance potential that other tech can miss.

Traffic - This tried and tested combination of Talent and Tech allows Scale to play matchmaker between our clients and their ideal partners. This gives you, the brand, a more comprehensive reach and voice across the publisher spectrum to unlock even more opportunities for growth and ROAS.

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